As a young adult moving to Winchester for grad school, I visited a lot of churches looking for a place to worship on Sunday mornings.  My first visit to Opequon Presbyterian Church convinced me that I didn’t need to look anywhere else, I had found my new church home.  So many people greeted me with genuine interest in getting to know me, and provided an instantaneous support network, going above and beyond the polite handshake and hello.  When my car broke down after my second Sunday worshiping there, I had no shortage of new friends volunteering to crawl under my car, peer under my hood, and give me a ride wherever I needed (this story has repeated itself several times thanks to the unreliable nature of my car, and the reliably good nature of Opequon’s congregation).  With the same sincerity that they welcomed me, the members of Opequon Presbyterian Church have provided opportunities for me to be an active participant in the life of the church, while understanding the other commitments I have in my life.  I feel so lucky to have found Opequon and am grateful to have been welcomed into such a compassionate church family.