Pam & Mitch

Greetings to anyone seeking a church in the Winchester area:

We began attending OPC in 2003 and took some time to observe, reflect and worship before officially joining in 2005. One of us was a Methodist and the other was raised as a Lutheran, so we feel we now have things pretty well covered. What prompted us to return week after week was the warmth, and the atmosphere of friendship and concern. To this day, we see new visitors and families being welcomed with a smile and a handshake just as we were, and we try to do the same. We were searching for a church that strives to impact the surrounding community, not only with Sunday sermons, but with actions done by a church congregation who strives to “walk the walk” all through the week. Each of us continues to represent Jesus, and Christ-centered Opequon Church, each Sunday when we leave the church.

With God’s grace, since 1732, the purpose of Opequon Church has been to share the gospel and God’s love with the surrounding communities and all who attend. With Pastor David Witt as our pastor, this continues. We hear sermons that are Bible-based, educational and usually laced with his boyish sense of humor. Pastor Witt is a “people person” who truly knows and loves his church family, and visitors alike. His sense of humor and warm personality only adds to his messages of the principles and truths of the Bible explained in a way that all can understand. Our Parish Associate, Pastor Tracie Martin, works right along with him and her homespun messages of wisdom are a joy to hear, as well. Together, you find two caring pastors who preach Faith motivated by Love.

Like any good, loving family, we enjoy each other and connect throughout the year with regular activities such as serving those experiencing homelessness, picnics, coffees, meals with Feast Group friends or younger adults, Bible studies and movie nights. There are opportunities for all to serve in church leadership roles. There is a men’s group, a women’s group and many options for children and teens to serve, as well.

Very often, our own family will discuss how people get through difficult times and the worst days of illness, surgeries and personal family loss without the care, attention, cards, meals and warm hugs of a loving church family. Opequon Presbyterian Church is a supportive church family we have grown to depend on in times of great joy and in times of need, where we truly feel we belong.

You are welcome to join us in your search for the right home church for yourself or your family. You will be welcomed at Opequon.