I was looking for a church in the Winchester area.  I visited several, and for various reasons they didn’t seem to be the “right fit.”  When I entered the gathering area at Opequon, it was like a whole new world compared to other churches we had attended.  Young people, children, older adults, everyone with a smile on their face, happy, welcoming everyone who came through the doors.  I still believe first impressions matter. It was probably within the week after my first attendance that David was knocking on my door for a visit.  I kept coming and quickly joined a Newcomer’s Class and Opequon Presbyterian Church has now been my home since 2008. I consider my church friends like a family for me.  Opequon has a great team of leaders at every level who are always looking for new ways to bring Christ into my life. No one is left behind from birth to the final homecoming.  I am so thankful that I was led to Opequon.