LOGOS is Greek for “the Word”… Jesus Christ


The goals of LOGOS are…

1) To nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ and relationships with others

2) The Faith and Practice of Christian Relationships

At Opequon, children, youth, adults and families are nurtured into a lifetime of Christian discipleship through the LOGOS Ministry. The only rule of LOGOS is: Everyone will treat everyone else as a child of God. No one will treat anyone else as if they do not matter. LOGOS is a Midweek Lift on Wednesdays, September-March, 4:30-7:30pm. *Due to COVID, the schedule has been modified.  See brochure below.

    • -Families with K-12 children or youth
    • Recreation, Worship, Dinner, Bible
    • Relationships between God and one another
  • Holy hilarity


For more information or to enroll in LOGOS contact our Director of Christian Education:

Carole Witt          540-662-1843 | office@opequonchurch.org

Register by completing the registration form, permission form, and parent volunteer form (all found below).  These forms can be filled out online or mailed to Carole Witt at office@opequonchurch.org, printed and sent to the church office, or brought to the church.  Opening night is October 7.  Payment should be submitted by October 14, which are only $25 per child/youth.   Questions about LOGOS?  Please feel free to contact Carole Witt. Scholarship assistance is available if needed.

2020-2021 LOGOS Brochure


LOGOS Registration

LOGOS Parent Participation Opportunities