Through activities, promotions and publications, the Evangelism Team endeavors to share the excitement of Jesus Christ with all people.The Evangelism Team believes that laughter is a gift from God. We also believe it should be liberally sprinkled around during meetings. We take this ministry very seriously, but with a smile. Come visit one of our meetings on the first Tuesday evening of each month at 7:00 p.m.


Here are the organized groups that help us share with you the excitement and word of Jesus Christ!

Hospitality Greeters:  Warmly welcome first-time visitors offering a nametag and assistance

Nametag Ministry:  Provided as encouragement to be welcoming to guests and all members

Visitation Teams:  Express appreciation to guests with a brief visit and exchange of information

Visitor Information:  “Visitor Parking” spots available along with exterior directional signage

Church Brochure:  Updated and placed in pew racks and other locations with offerings at Opequon

Evangelism Sundays:  Specific occasions offered to invite family and friends to worship with us