We offer Sunday School for disciples of all ages between our two morning services from 9:45am – 10:45am September through May.

Take a look at our current Sunday School Classes and Locations. There is a class for everyone and everyone is welcome! 



WoRM – Workship Rotation Model

2015 Theme: “Inch By Inch – Growing Closer to God” Children will rotate each week to various workshops in downstairs classrooms to experience Bible stories coming alive through art, drama, music, games, cooking, technology, and more!

Location: downstairs class rooms




Middle School (6th – 7th grade)

Location: Classroom # 5  (downstairs below Church Offices)


Confirmation Class (8th grade)

Location: Classroom # 2  (downstairs below Church Offices)


High School (9th – 12th grade)

Location: in the “Youth Spot” (downstairs from Sanctuary Gathering Area)




Faith in Families

Location: Assembly Room (classroom downstairs from Sanctuary Gathering Area)


Spiritual Growth AC1A7685

Location: Bageant Room – main floor beside Memorial Sanctuary


Hands, Heart, & Feet

Hands, Heart & Feet is a Mission-Focused Sunday School class that centers around the beliefs and mission of Opequon Presbyterian Church.

Location: Memorial Sanctuary