We offer Faith Formation classes for disciples of all ages between our two morning services from 9:45am – 10:45am September through May.

Take a look at our current Faith Formation Classes and Locations. There is a class for everyone and everyone is welcome! 


Faith Formation Hour

Faith Formation Hour on Sundays at 9:45am for Preschool-5th grade children.  Leaders use Growing in Grace and Gratitude materials for engaging lessons with the children.

Location: Downstairs Classrooms




Confirmation Class (8th grade)

Location: Classroom # 2-downstairs below Church Offices


September-May.  Uses Theocademy and Professing Our Faith curriculum.


Faith in Families

Location: Assembly Room-classroom downstairs from Sanctuary Gathering Area

Spiritual Growth

Location: Bageant Room-main floor beside Memorial SanctuaryAC1A7685

Hands, Heart, & Feet

Hands, Heart & Feet is a Mission-Focused Sunday School class that centers around the beliefs and mission of Opequon Presbyterian Church.

Location: Memorial Sanctuary