Our Community of Faith gathers for Worship weekly on Sunday mornings as well as monthly on the Second Sunday Night every month.

Blended Worship Services

8:30 am and 11am
Each Sunday Morning we gather for 2 blended worship services held in our sanctuary.

Both morning services are the same and offer a traditional liturgical order of worship with a blend of music from traditional hymns played on an organ or piano, to songs of praise, and diverse international music. The Pastors and Choir wear robes, but participants in worship come in all types of attire. We celebrate Communion on the First Sunday every month.

worship bar

OPEN DOOR Worship Service

Second Sundays @ 6:30pm

Once a month we gather for a more informal time of worship lead by our PS150 Praise band.

This worship service is more informal in nature, incorporating prayer, praise music, teaching, and communion by intinction.  We typically gather for a reception of food and fellowship following the service. All are invited to come as you are!


Children’s Worship

Helping Parents Worship WITH their children

Children have the privilege of worshiping God along with their parents and they learn to worship by being with others. “Parenting in the Pew” notebooks are available for Parents to use while in worship with their children.  Aspects of worship and solid, practical tools are offered for parents to use during worship.  Pick up a notebook from the basket each Sunday as you enter the sanctuary and return it as you exit the sanctuary.

Special Services 


Ash Wednesday

Maundy Thursday

A service with Communion in the Memorial Sanctuary

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Services will be held at 8:30am and 11:00am with an Easter Sunrise Service at approximately 6:15am.

Blue Sunday

The longest night of the year, closest to December 21st, held in the Memorial Sanctuary at 3pm.

Christmas Eve Services

A Family service will be held at 5pm and the Traditional Service with Communion at 7:30pm.

Most of our services are held in the sanctuary, constructed and dedicated in 2005, the fifth meeting house for worship on the same site since the 1730’s. The 2005 Sanctuary is a blend of traditional and contemporary architecture and style.