LOGOS is Greek for “the Word”… Jesus Christ


The goal of LOGOS is…

1) To nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ and relationships with others

2) The Faith and Practice of Christian Relationships

At Opequon Presbyterian Church, children, youth, adults and families are nurtured into a lifetime of Christian discipleship through the LOGOS Ministry. The only rule of LOGOS is: Everyone will treat everyone else as a child of God. No one will treat anyone else as if they do not matter. LOGOS is a Midweek Lift on Wednesdays, September-March, 4:30-7:30pm



For more information or to enroll in LOGOS contact our Director of Christian Education:

Carole Witt          540-662-1843 | dce@opequonchurch.org


Families with K-12 grade children or youth are invited to consider participating in our midweek LOGOS ministry.  It is a time of holy hilarity each Wednesday, September-March, along with worthwhile deepening relationships between God and one another.  We want YOU to be part of all the miraculous fun!  Register by completing the registration form, permission form, and parent volunteer form (all found below).  These forms can be emailed to Carole Witt at dce@opequonchurch.org, printed and sent to the church office, or brought to the church.  Opening night is September 19.  Payment of ½ of the fees are requested at the time of registration with the remaining balance due in December 2018.   Questions about LOGOS?  Please feel free to contact Carole Witt at dce@opequonchurch.org or 662-1843. Scholarship assistance is available if needed.

LOGOS Brochure 2018-2019

Registration form 2018-2019

LOGOS Permission Form

LOGOS Parent Participation Opportunities